Working with the helping spirits, to create a healing experience to honor your highest unfolding.

Healing Session

Each session begins by going inward to connect to the heart space, attuning and listening to the body through sensation and intuitive revelation to uncover what is present and ready to be worked with. From this clear and connected place, intentions can be set, and the work can then begin. The work could include Shamanic journey, healing (extraction, soul retrieval, healing with spiritual light, or psychopomp), embodied movement practices, or a combination of any of these. Sarah will remain open and connected to the guiding spirits as the session unfolds to honor what is being revealed and how it is wanting to be worked with. At the end of our time together, a brief share of the healing will occur, as well as how continue to support the integration of the work that has been done.

Embodied Movement Session

Experience Conscious body explorations and bring your body into alignment with your authentic self. The body reveals our beliefs, thoughts and feelings through it’s movement patterns and expression. In this work, we can awaken your awareness of these patterns that you may begin to transform what no longer honors you, as you move into deeper embodiment of your true self. This work is a process and it is recommended that you choose to participate in multiple sessions over a period of time. We can discuss what will best serve you following your initial session.

In a session, we will bring awareness to the patterns of movement that do not honor and align with your authentic, true self. In practice, we will slow down movement and work with sensation, to unfold what is happening in your body, working with movement forms that teach detailed, conscious alignment while building balanced strength and flexibility. In working with small, very specific movement, you may come to witness your personal patterns held in the body, as well as the mental and emotional relationship to these holdings, and from there, make conscious new choices in how to move your body and navigate your life. Using various movement forms, such as yoga (yin, yang, and restorative), pilates, gyrokenisis, and organic unwinding, we will bring to balance the masculine and feminine energetics of movement and allow this knowledge to open you to a conscious experience of the higher self, that you may know and be, your most empowered true self, and become A Spirit Embodied.

Creating Sacred Space

For your home or office…

Creating sacred space is about honoring what it is that you would like to cultivate in your life. Clearing away clutter, and setting up the things that are around you to reflect your truth, allows your life to flow more smoothly and manifest more easily that which you want to bring into your life.

In a session, I will come to you, so that together we can look at what is currently going on in your space and discuss what it is that you would like for it and for your life. I will give you guidance in what may need to be removed, what may need to be brought in, as well as how to set up and organize everything so that the space will have energetic flow to reflect your heart’s truth. I will also, give you guidance in how to maintain and tend your space, so that it continues to be a true reflection of you as you grow and change.


Be Who You Are.

Cultivate a new relationship of body, mind, and spirit.

Through deep conscious awareness of the body in a movement experience, there is the opportunity for transformation and healing, to truly embody and become your most authentic, true self.

Be Nurtured into Wholeness

Be Nurtured into Wholeness