A Mother, a Wife, a Teacher, a Healer


In service to the divine Mother, Sarah’s work is to aid in healing the loss of the divine feminine. As a channel of the loving, compassionate energy of the divine Mother, Sarah works to awaken and align you with your true self, gently guiding and nurturing you into wholeness.

Sarah has been and continues to be on a path of conscious transformation and healing, to truly know herself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, that she may be the embodiment of her highest self.  Over the years she has studied, experienced, trained in, and/or taught many different healing and movement modalities, including pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, gyrokenisis, energy and shamanic healing.  She seeks to offer her cultivated knowledge and experience through the Wise Woman tradition in private sessions, and small group journeys, in which she guides her students into a conscious embodied experience of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  

Sarah offers: Spiritual council, Shamanic Journey work, Shamanic Hands-on healing, Embodied Movement practices, Year long Women’s group Journey Series, and Guidance in Creating Sacred Space.  

All sessions are held by the intuitive, compassionate, loving wisdom of the divine making time spent with Sarah a sacred experience.  Her greatest passion, as both student and teacher, is to continue to grow and learn, to inspire and deepen the conscious experience of the physical body through embodiment of the higher self, bringing alignment and awareness to the mind, body, spirit relationship that we may live a more joyful, authentic, empowered life in harmony with the Earth.



Be Nurtured into Wholeness

Be Nurtured into Wholeness